Dressing the Christmas dining room does not only mean setting the table or decorating the dining room with Christmas tree. It expands to Christmas centerpieces to place settings and beyond. It means much more, because dinners and holiday meals have long table-tops, as you enjoy your family’s company and friends gathering (some are seen only on this time of the year) and celebrate their particular family traditions. There are those who celebrate the gift of friends and family before eating, others later. Some sing Christmas carols when they’ve finished eating, they still sit around the table, drinking and singing. Others it is a festival preparing typical Christmas recipes or who dares to innovate for that day.

Aside the gathering around the Christmas meals, there are those who prefer certain traditional environments. Some prefer to dress the glitter and gold table, who opt for the traditional green, red and white, others like a rustic table or decorative Christmas with lots of colors. Mixed colors with decorative garlands, candles, centerpieces based on dried leaves … An ideal style for fun environments. Others prefer to go beyond red and gold as there is a whole world to explore.