46 Sunroom Design Ideas

Spring is coming, it’s time to open our sunrooms which have been closed for a long time since the cold weather began. During spring & summer, the veranda or the sunroom is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a nice view in a fresh atmosphere. In this post, you will find a plenty of ideas to help you in decorating your sunroom with 46 different examples… no matter the space, no matter the style; you will find what you are looking for here. If you are lucky enough to have a large sunroom, you have a multitude of choices to benefit from this space. It would be perfect if your veranda is surrounded by a stunning natural view or by plants & flowers for example; in this case don’t waste this opportunity, install glass walls all around the space so your eyes enjoy the outdoor view while protecting the inside from the bad weather in winter.
A wide sunroom surrounded by a nice outdoor view can be transformed into a living room in the spring & summer for example; most of us love to enjoy the delight of this season to the maximum and we get bored usually in this time, after a long winter, of spending time in closed rooms. A couple of comfortable seats with a cozy sofa and a TV; and that’s it, you turned your sunroom into a nice & comfy living room! Many other ideas can be applied in this space; some people prefer to place their dining table in the veranda during the summer, you can also furnish it with a bed sofa so it’s like a guest room for example, or you can even turn it into a workplace to work in a good mood. About the decorating style, of course it’s up to you and to your taste to choose the style of furniture and accessories. But as a part of the house, the sunroom is preferable to follow the same style used in the rest of the house. Know that for both walls & floors, wood is a very pretty material to be used and it’s suitable for both modern and classic styles. Glass walls as well are an excellent wall covering for the sunroom and they will match with any decorating style.