People looking out for beautiful pergolas like to transform the garden patio or outdoor porches into comfortable places for relaxation. There are a number of variations of the pergolas in the gardens. These are arched structures that are commonly used to rest in, and they also provide a support to the plants and climbers to grow upon. Here, you will get ten exclusive Wooden Pergola Design ideas that will live up to your expectation and taste.

Spacious pergolas are exotic in look. The Wooden Garden Pergola has a symmetrical roof, beautifully designed with wood-art. There are little yellow lights along the wooden frames at the top. These have a striking parity with the golden-yellow fireplace at the bottom. The pergola stands on raised pillars. You can also see Rustic Deck Designs

Spacious areas need elegant, dome-roofed pergolas. You can get a personalised patio when you opt for this particular pergola design, with a light pink shade. The tiles also have a pink tinge, that delivers them a uniform look. The metal furniture in the centre looks sophisticated.

When the backyard garden is incorporated with a pergola, the plants need to be trimmed and designed. A curved brick walkway leads to the pergola painted in white. it is a part of a raised patio, where dark coloured sitting arrangements complement the white colour.

The white vinyl pergola looks classy when it is attached to the house. There is a compatibility between the points of the pergola and that of the house. It has a hanging awning and the large elongated glass panes look beautiful and compact with this setting.

There are a number of contemporary homes that come with a roof-garden. These pergolas, made of elegant oak wood is perfect for these settings. The light colour of the wood beautifully blends with the trendy tables placed at a corner. Along with the light coloured floor, it creates a perfect shade in the roof.

When you look out for a pergola made completely of wood, this is the ideal choice for you. It comes with transitional decks where you can plant seasonal flowering plants. The light wood colour of the pergola is complemented with a lighter shade for the floor.

Wooden pergolas are inherent in beauty and elegance. When there is a walkway with pavers beside the pergola, the wooden architecture looks great. There are a few wooden beams supporting the structure. It goes well with the wooden walls of the surrounding structures.

The pergola shades can be made innovative when there are fabric covers incorporated in the wooden structure to keep off the sunlight. These are ideal for houses located in a warm area. It has a perfect match with the brick pavers, designed in an interconnected manner. The blue sofas and cushions look contrasting with the light wooden pergola.